I'm creating different libraries for each of my projects. When I attempt to open a new library via File > Open Library, it has both the old library open and the new one open.

I want to close the old one so I don't accidentally create projects within the old library.

File > Close Library is disabled. If I try to close iMovie and re-open it, it remembers the last library that was opened.

How do I open just a new iMovie Library?

  • I was able to right-click on the library name and choose 'Close library ...'. I had to make sure the library I was trying to close wasn't the active library. When I had the editing windows up for the library I was trying to close, the 'Close library' option was greyed out. -- Thanks for your insightful solutions! Three of your posts have helped me now :)
    – leanne
    Apr 30, 2020 at 21:08

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Find the Library in finder (e.g. ~/Movies), and double click it.

You can be sure that it's the only open Library by using the drop down menu in Projects:

enter image description here

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