Normally when I work on an iMovie project, it has me import videos. This means that if I already have 5GB uploaded somewhere, and I import these videos in iMovie too, I now have at least 10GB of data that needs to be stored. As a result I have to come up with a hacky solution for creating lightweight backups.

I'd rather keep the videos separate and have iMovie just reference them.

E.g. instead of:

iMovie Library (5.1 GB)
Video 1 (3 GB)
Video 2 (2 GB)

I'd rather have:

iMovie Library (0.1 GB)
Video 1 (3 GB)
Video 2 (2 GB)

How do I use a video in iMovie without having to import it into my library?

Final Cut Pro has two settings that allow you to do this.

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