I am going to make a short film for the 2019 Cinespace contest created by NASA. The short is going to take place inside a space capsule. It has to look something like this:

Soyuz capsule

How do you guys suggest I do it? Do I build a set from scratch? If so... how do I construct it? Thanks!

  • Kinda depends on your budget. You could do anything from MDF, bottle caps and hot glue, to commissioning JPL to build you a full-size replica. – stib Jan 22 '19 at 5:50

This really depends on your budget.

Low Budget: Find a room which allready looks futuristic with a lot of tech or stuff that looks like buttons and displays. Like in your image, you could make a little bole eye windows with some salad dish, put a screen behind which plays space stuff.

High budget: Build a little wood cage, also add a little window which shows space and adds natural light. Then go to home depo and just buy a lot of diffrent knobs and buttons.


to addition to ITnoob, you might like to add some green screen and cgi to enhance the look. But this depence on your skills. If you have a bit of electronical knowledge, also include some blinking leds and lights

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