I am recording an event using multiple digital sources: a camcorder (obviously with audio too), a recorder attached to the lapel microphone, another recorder with ambient microphone etc.

There is a clapperboard cue that allows me to align all those tracks manually (if laboriously) but what I find is that, over the course of an hour, they go out of sync by several seconds. This came as a big surprise because I thought that, with everything being quartz locked, they'd stay in sync for much longer.

Anyway, never mind: is there a way for me to "stretch" all of the tracks to fit a master one, for example the one from the camcorder? If I make a clapperboard clue at the end too, just to be sure, and I mark the start and end manually on each segment, is there a way to tell Premiere "please time-align all these tracks on the start point, and then also on the end point, stretching them all to match the timing of the video track"?

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