I was wondering if anyone knows from where I could get a few (short) video assets in high bitrate to check the quality output of a transcoder.

Some context: A few years ago I was working on a VOD project and the person who was configuring the transcoders had a set of 4 videos that really pushed the transcoder (e.g. very clear water ripples, a few bees on top of a yellow flower... and I cannot recall the other 2). I remember this person telling me that he had picked those videos as they pushed different aspects of transcoders, so I was wondering if there's something out there I could reuse.


I haven't found so far a good set of free videos to push the transcoder, but I have found the following sources.

  • 4k media: Has quite a few free high bitrate 4k (30-60 fps) videos.

Here are a few resources I'm aware of.

  • The Video Quality Experts Group has a variety of test material available.
  • Big Buck Bunny, with a CC license, is often used as a test asset.
  • Tektronix at least used sell some test assets to complement their monitoring tools.
  • SRI has several test patterns and compliance checking assets for sale.
  • Thanks Michael! ... I still have bad memories of BBB after watching the start sequence a few hundred times long time ago :D. – Augusto Jan 11 '19 at 12:18

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