I have multiple layers I now wish edit them in 3 dimensions. So I check the 3d layer attribute, but I still cant move the elements in that layer. In a youtube video (7:45) i have been following, when the user clicks on the 3d layer option, an axis appears on the the element, and it can be enlarged and moved.

See picture:

enter image description here

However no such axis appears when I check the 3d layer option. Do I need to enable it somewhere in the options?

  • My after effects is acting really weird, I can't select things using the selection tool anymore, or i can, but there is no visible marker telling me i have selected it, i cant see where my anchor point is either. – Rhys Edwards Nov 28 '18 at 14:31

I pressed CTRL + SHIFT + H and my controls were back


Maybe your toggle mask / path visibility was off?

Try this button.

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