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ffmpeg documents the -timecode parameter:

-timecode hh:mm:ssSEPff

Specify Timecode for writing. SEP is ’:’ for non drop timecode and ’;’ (or ’.’) for drop.

Two questions come up:

  1. Which container formats support the -timecode option? Are there any that don't?

  2. The option to specify DF/NDF timecode implies the ability to store DF flag in the file alongside the framerate. Is that how it works, or does ffmpeg convert DF timecode to a corresponding NDF frame count and stores that?

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  1. FFmpeg only supports timecode in a limited set of formats. They are the MOV family (MOV/MP4/3GP..), MXF family, raw DV and Grass Valley GXF.

  2. How the timecode is stored and flagged is specific to the format. MOV stores a DF flag, integer framerate and the timecode as a rate-adjusted integer frame index. MXF does essentially the same.

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