One of the challenges, in creating a tutorial video via screen video capture, is that it becomes a challenge to make obvious which mouse action was used to produce a certain action on the screen.

The creator of this video has a little mouse icon in the bottom left of the screen (see image below) that makes clear whether he's using the left, the middle, or the right mouse click button action.

screen video capture, with mouse icon in bottom left that indicates which mouse action is being performed (left, middle, or right mouse click)

How does one add such a mouse icon (or alternatively, which software allows this) to a screen video capture? (I've asked the original creator on multiple fora, but haven't heard back for months).

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    Is this a Blender question? That feature is a Blender specific plugin. – LetTheWritersWrite Oct 26 '18 at 2:04
  • @LetTheWritersWrite Nope. Wasn't a Blender question. But your answer answered it for me. I guess this is a Blender feature. If you answer below, I'll mark it correct. Bonus if you also put a link to the actual plugin. – thanks_in_advance Oct 26 '18 at 2:06

That is a Blender specific plugin that you can activate in the scripts menu.


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