After exporting a time lapse video as H.246 mp4 using Adobe Premiere I realized I wanted a second copy without sound, but I had already changed the settings. To save time I simply imported the mp4 to Premiere and then exported it again with the same H.246 settings but without the audio channel.

After close analysis of the 2 files I can't perceive any loss in quality, but I worry that I may have lost a tiny bit of quality through this process. Would repeating this process eventually result in noticeable loss of quality?

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Compression by default is removing information. “Lossless” compression, if repeated, will indeed result in degradation after a few generations.

Higher compression rates will degrade after fewer generations.


If you give same bitrate setting (I assume it is configurable in Adobe Premiere), I don't expect you perceive the quality difference.

You could use FFMPEG to remove the audio on your first output with -an flag. Command will be like

ffmpeg -i first_output.mp4-c copy -an nosound_output.mp4


  • Thanks. I tried your FFMPEG solution to see if there was any difference. Resulting total bit rates as follows: 1st output: 42953kbps 2nd output: 42584kbps FFMPEG output: 42629kbps Commented Oct 22, 2018 at 5:37

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