I wanted to know how HDR would be useful for fast movement as I want to look into cameras that will move through regions of bright light and shadows and so, I want to see how I can make the footage more clear rather than get bland too bright and too dark components largely in the video. I want to check how action cameras implement such huge dynamic ranges. I'm a beginner and am slowly learning, so I might not have understood this right, but please help

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There is rarely a direct relationship between HDR, or dynamic range in general, and motion artifacts. There may be an indirect relationship when trade offs are made for transmitting or storing the increased dynamic range. A specific implementation might reduce the frame rate or increase the compression in ways that introduce motion artifacts.

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  • Hey, Thank you for the answer. I'm looking to mount it on a plane that will fly pretty fast. And I need it to adapt quickly as it flies. It does have autopilot but we want the FPV Experience to be recorded and so, I was wondering how to select the cameras and what kind of effects could be detrimental to the footage. I'm not sure what to ask or where to look, so any insight helps. – Rajath Pai Oct 16 '18 at 2:24

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