(This must surely be one of the newbie-est questions but after 20+ minutes of Googling and YouTube-ing, I can't find a simple answer.)

When I'm importing a file -- a piece of video, or audio -- into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, how do I tell the tool to do it in such a way that the clip (well, a copy thereof) is still there, even when the original has gone (e.g. the SD Card has been removed).

The only advice I could find on this is to first copy the files from the media in question (e.g. that SD Card) onto my local disk. But I recall one YouTube clip (that I now cannot find) where the presenter clicked on "Ingest" before importing, and he said it was to achieve precisely what I am trying to achieve. I looked for info on Ingest, but it appears to do a lot more than just take a local copy of the file, and it quickly got incomprehensible and talked about proxy workflows and other stuff I'm not sure I yet need to know

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