Are there any disadvantages (like worse image quality/more compression artefacts) when encoding a video in H.265 with dimensions that are not a multiple of 16 or 8, but instead a multiple of 4 or 2? For example 1920x816 vs. 1920x818.

At least in file size there seems to be no difference, as far as my tests go.


Since H.265 is computer intensive, encoding H.265 video will consume a lot of time, especially your computer is not power enough. You have to upgrade your CPU and GPU and download a powerful HEVC video encoder that is able to activate the GPU acceleration to do the task.

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    That didn't answer the question at all. Please read again, I want to know the disadvantages of encoding a video where the dimension are a multiple of 2 compared to e.g. 8 – YourMJK Sep 28 '18 at 10:08

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