What I got

That's as far as I had gone, I am trying to fit the image in the box but I just can't figure it out. no matter how much I stretch it or rotate it, it just doesn't work

Here's another image so you guys know my pan/crop settings Pan/crop settings

and if you need to try it yourself, here's a green screen. if you at least get a still frame I guess I can animate it from there (Though, actually tell me how did you get it to work) Green screen of what I am trying to do Image that I am trying to fit in

I also wonder, if I already have the mask, and it's already animated and stuff, could that help me?

Edit:Wait, do you guys need a green screen lol? I am going to leave it there just in case but I don't think you guys need it (Note:The green screen was made by me, by using the mask. I got the mask with the keyframes, I really hope that's useful)

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I believe most of this effect can be achieved using Deform FX.

For true perspective, you need 3D track motion.

I have not used either but here are some links:


How do I skew a video clip?

  • It's been so long that I even forgot about this, I still have the project file so I'll try, thanks man Commented Nov 24, 2018 at 20:59
  • I can't make it work with deform fx, but maybe I am just not trying hard enough, this effect is hard to understand I tried 3d track motion and well, I feel blessed but at the same time it didn't do enough of a good job. I tried and I just can't make it work, if there's something else to know or if in the future I learn something I'll go back to editing this Commented Nov 25, 2018 at 1:01

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