What exactly does "Ethernet-capable HDMI cable" mean?

Does this mean I can stream content wirelessly to my projector?

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No it does not mean you can do anything wirelessly - it is a cable - and it isn't likely to help you stream anything to it either, unless you have a requirement for HDMI devices to share a network connection.

Version 1.4 of the HDMI standard allows for 100Mb ethernet to be transmitted along the cable between to HDMI 1.4 capable devices.

Check out the HDMI wikipedia page for some basic info

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    I've noted that the crop of current-gen TVs have an increasing amount of multimedia functionality. Taking this one step into the future, if (in theory) you had a display, NAS (or other storage medium) and an amp / switcher all supporting HDMI ethernet you could likely forego the requirement to have a separate network cable to connect them all together. Single cable streaming! I like the logical step of removing another cable, the final thing we we need is Power over Ethernet over HDMI (PoEoH... 'poweoh'? Sounds like Schwarzenegger trying to pronounce 'power' ;-) - THEN we're cooking with gas. Oct 13, 2011 at 3:45
  • Why would an Ethernet-enabled HDMI cable be cheaper than a regular HDMI cable, all else equal? For example at this link: monoprice.com/products/…; 35ft 24AWG CL2 Standard HDMI® Cable With Ethernet - Black is $28.78 while 35ft 24AWG CL2 Standard HDMI® Cable - Black is $29.29. I just need a 35ft HDMI cable, is there any reason to not get the Ethernet-enabled one, since it is cheaper? Thanks.
    – user2057
    Mar 2, 2012 at 19:27

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