The way files are linked in any adobe application is the use the entire file path ex:


Lets say the project is also in that same directory so we have


The issue is even if we keep the assets and the project directory the same, when we change the top layer the links break. I.E. the new path is


And sure we can relink the files fairly easily, but lets say you have your project in a synced folder like google drive and now you have it on multiple computers and each computer has a different top layer file path.

All the project directories are the same but the top layer is not.


Is it possible to have adobe programs link to files locally, in the senes that instead of linking to a path like


They instead link to a path like

  • You could do it with a script. You'd have to run it when you opened the project in a new location, but it would be easy enough to implement – stib Jun 19 '18 at 1:16

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