can any one help me about how can i deliver this specs for a broadcast tv channel ? :

im using fcpx and compressor 4. do i need any other app or can i manage it with those ?

which specs i do on fcp and which ones i do on compressor?

File format - IMX/D10 WRAPPER - MXF OP-1A MPEG-2 GOP stucture - I-FRAME Chroma Sampling - 4:2:2 Frame Rate - 25 Frame Size - 720 x 576 Audio Levels - -10dBFS (ref) File Naming Structure - NAME_DURATION Aspect Ratio - 16x9 Field order - Upper Field - (WHAT IS THIS ?) AUDIO CHANNELS ( 1 AND 2) - 2 CHANNELS Sampling Rate - 48000Hz Sample Format - 16/24 bit

Sory the noobness.


For FCP use a codec like Apple Pro Res or Apple Pro Res HQ - keeping the qualitity of the raw material. And for compressor you use the settings you mentioned above. And the field order is for interlaced videos. One frame draws odd lines and the next one even and so on. For DV it's always "lower first", for all others it is ususally "upper first".

  • The spec the OP provided clearly says to use MXF OP-1a wrapped IMX 25 Mbps. The OP just needs to know how to put those settings into their programs. – Michael Liebman May 29 '18 at 20:40

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