We apparently missed a problem with user tracking (GDPR related) in our use of some minor embedded video from youtube.

Since I'd rather not add the whole permission mess, I suppose we should be able to host it ourselves as long as we don't care about obsolete browsers (we don't -at least not in this case).

Looking mainly to acquire some experience in doing this as we'd need to move this asap into productions.

We did already change the youtube embed to the nocookie version, but that's still by far not enough to comply with the GDPR.

So essentially what I was thinking about:

  • Find the original video (that's a challenge in itself, tackling it now)
  • Load it back into Premiere and try to do whatever needs to be done that was done on the youtube side of things.
  • Export it into webm (probably an external plugin ?? - what settings are needed ?)
  • Export it in mp4 (again: what settings will work?)
  • Capture a "title" frame
  • Change the <iframe> tag to a <Video> tag with 2 sources.

So in essence:

  • experiences, pitfalls ?
  • settings for the webm and mp4 formats so that we maximise compatibility and get the typical youtube quality ?

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