I have couple of video files with sudden transition from black frame to blue frame, both frames have burned-in frame numbers, I would like to use ffmpeg to define the timestamp of this transition in order to automate the cutting of these files. Is there a possibility to do that. I guess I can either do it with some form of scene detection or by using OCR tool to check the frame number of the current frame and then extract the timestamp.

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See signalstats filter description, it works in YUV colorspace only. With it one can extract various per frame video statistics and even graph it in real time.

  • actually I have extracted the first frame after the change of the scene/background and then I am running a PSNR script to evaluate the average PSNR of the video files against the first frame. Afterwards I am extracting the frame number and multiplying it with the duration of the frame (1/fps) and cutting the video file at exactly this file. In case the video is not consisted of all I-frames, then you need also to convert it using some intra-frame codec like ffv1. I can share the commands if this is of interest for someone. Jun 1, 2018 at 9:27

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