I try to create a Picture In Picture effect where a smaller video playing in parallel on top of a background video. I dragged two videos of same size and codec into timeline and scale one of the video size to 60% from its original, keeping the background video to its original size.

After I down scale the video I notice the quality of the video deteriorate, as shown in the screenshot the text clearly gets blurry. Why this is happening and how to resolve this problem?

enter image description here

  • You appear to have your zoom level set at 400%, that's definitely going to cause some image distortion when you're looking at it. If you just did that for the screenshot, try undocking the monitor, resizing it and taking a screenshot of just that with the zoom set to 100%. – Jamie Bruce May 8 '18 at 13:41

Since no one else has done so yet, I'm going to attempt a super low-tech answer to your question here: when you downscale you're literally user fewer pixels to display the image so any downscaled image is going to lose some image sharpness and fine detail (due to how the software is resampling the image); to my knowledge, the only thing you can do about this in Premiere is to use a Sharpen effect on the scaled footage to reintroduce some image sharpness - don't overdo it, though.

I'm not sure what sort of resampling Premiere does but I'm guessing that you might get better results going into a program like After Effects to do your picture in picture because you can alter the sampling method that the program uses (draft, bicubic, bilinear) which might give a better result. Please, please correct me on this if I'm wrong!


The best solution here, to prevent blurriness, is to have your main workspace video in 4k despite if the main video is only 1080p. This way as you scale down the clips, it will retain most of it's pixels at least until you hit 1/4th size (1/2 high, 1/2 tall) anything further than that and you will start to get blur again but since it's 4k, the blurred pixels will be much smaller and harder to notice. By taking a 1080p video and shrinking it, you are throwing away pixels so Premier scales the video into less pixels giving you blur and losing fidelity.

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