I've been trying for hours to import an mpg along with its secondary audio track into Adobe Premiere Pro. Only the primary track is imported.

I know this mpg has two tracks because I can play the file in the VLC player with the setting Audio > Audio Track > Track 2 [Spanish] and the secondary audio track plays.

  • I have tried setting audio preferences insuring all default audio tracks are using "Use File".
  • I have tried setting the track tab in a new sequence to "multichannel" with "number of channels" = 2.
  • I have also tried modifying the imported mp3's audio channels.

I have also searched online and in YouTube but still no answers.

Please advise. Thanks!

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According to this post, it should work with Adobe Premiere CC. And after importing it should look like this: enter image description here

If you are using a really old version of Adobe Premiere, you could download the latest trial version to check it.

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