I'm trying to overlay a 15 second video transition on the beginning of an image sequence (png sequence with an alpha to reveal the image below), which I can do fine with the overlay filter. But I want to hold the first frame of the image sequence for 5 seconds before playing the animation. I've tried trim/select but I can't seem to get it be a duration of 5 seconds, I also can't seem to concat it back with the other video to do the transition. So my questions are:

  1. How do I get the first frame and hold it for 5 seconds, the method below works but doesn't seem like the best method?

-start_number 501 -framerate 30 -t 60.0 -i input1.%04d.jpg -framerate 30 -t 15.0 -i transition1_%03d.png -filter_complex "color=c=red:d=5:s=480x270:r=30[bg]; [bg][1:v]overlay[transhold]; [0:v][transhold]overlay=repeatlast=0[out]"

  1. Can I then easily concat that with the original or is it better to do two overlays with the start of the actual transition offset by the length of the hold?



  • For the 2nd question my code would look like this: -start_number 501 -framerate 30 -t 60.0 -i input1.%04d.jpg -framerate 30 -t 15.0 -i transition1_%03d.png -filter_complex "color=c=red:d=5:s=480x270:r=30[bg]; [1:v]split[trans][transhold]; [trans]setpts=PTS+5/TB[trans];[transhold]select=eq(n\0)[transhold];[bg][transhold]overlay[transhold]; [0:v][transhold]overlay=repeatlast=0[tmp1]; [tmp1][trans]overlay[out]" Mar 8, 2018 at 11:09

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ffmpeg -start_number 501 -framerate 30 -t 60.0 -i input1.%04d.jpg 
       -framerate 30 -t 15.0 -i transition1_%03d.png
       -filter_complex "[0]loop=149:1:0[bgheld5];
                        [bgheld5][fgheld5]overlay=eof_action=pass"  out.mp4

The first frames of both sequences are repeated 149 times, so that there are 150 instances (30 fps x 5s). The 0 at the end of loop is the starting index of the frame(s) to loop. The middle 1 is the number of frames to loop starting at the index in the 3rd argument.

  • Great, that's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. The only difference is I don't need to loop the first input so my filter is "[1]loop=149:1:0[trans];[0][trans]overlay=eof_action=pass" Mar 8, 2018 at 12:42

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