I'm trying to analyze a spectrogram while simultaneously checking the video, without having to switch between them. Something like this, but with the video combined in the same output:

enter image description here

The idea is to be able to scrub through both video and the spectrogram so that they're synced. Most editing software only lets me see the waveforms. The command I used for that is as follows:

ffplay -f lavfi 'amovie=/Users/hdl/Desktop/HDLS3K.mp4, asplit [a][out1];
[a] showspectrum=size=1280x512:mode=separate:slide=scroll [out0]'
  • Depending on what your user case is, you may want to have a look at QCTools. – Michael Liebman Jan 18 '18 at 19:00


ffplay -f lavfi 'amovie=/Users/hdl/Desktop/HDLS3K.mp4:s=dv+da[v][a];[a]asplit[asp][out1];

amovie usually selects only one (audio) stream. dv+da gets it to extract the best video and the best audio stream. The video output is scaled so that the vstack works.

  • Thanks, this worked, but I did have to make a little change. Apparently it wants the spectrum size and scale set to the same value, else it spits an error. I set them both to 640 and that did it. – HDL Jan 18 '18 at 18:52

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