I have picked up more video clients and thus I need to be able to edit faster. I have been trying to update my machine on a budget to get the most performance for my dollar.


  • Windows 10 Pro OS with Adobe CC 2018
  • Core i7 5820K 6 Core Stock Clocked
  • 16 GB Corsair DDR4 3000 Ram Running at 2133
    • I have 16GB of the same model more on my desk ready to go in
  • nVidia GTX970 4GB SC
  • NVME Boot Drive 512GB
  • Samsung 850 PRO 256GB
  • WD Blue 500GB Export Drive
  • 1.8 TB RAID 0 Array Assets Drive via Startech PCIE Raid Card
    • EVO 850 1TB
    • SANDisk 960GB SSD Plus
  • Corsair CX500M Modular 500W PSU


1) Renders are still taking what I consider to be longer than they should. A 1 minute clip with Color Correction (Basic Lumitri Color Correction is taking about 9 minutes. If I try to add RedGiant Denoiser II, it'll take an hour, minimum.

2) Scrubbing simple timelines is not fluid at all. Sometimes I'll go to play a clip and it'll stutter. Stopping playback and starting it again will fix it but it shouldn't be that hard.

It's exaggerated by adding the cc layer. What I typically do is add the cc and other effects to an adjustment layer, turn it off while editing and then on when done, but I'd like to use a 4k monitor in the future and do the playback review on that.

3) CPU Will peak at 100% but ram never gets above 13gb or so and disk useage or saturation of the link never gets above 1%. I feel like this isnt really an issue but I want to make sure it's not. I know I can upgrade my cpu and it may still get to 100%.

4) Can not export with CUDA acceleration


As mentioned, I know I can upgrade the CPU but with the current cpu bugs, I'd rather wait for the next release. Feels like the smart thing to do maybe.

I don't think the raid array is helping me or the sandisk isnt quick enough. There is definitely a stutter when I run blackmagics disk speed test.

I could switch to NVMEs for all of the drives, but I don't think that disk speed is my problem but then again, I'm coming to you for help.

I will spend whatever makes sense here. I am hoping to grow this business so an investment would make sense but at the same time, I don't want to go mac pro yet.

I've updated everything driver wise and bios wise. Still no love. I'm kind of getting frustrated with it.

What I'm Looking For

What changes should I make to this rig?

What can I do to fix the issues I've mentioned?

Am I wasting time with RAID at this point? Should I just buckle down and buy larger SSDs?

I know the EVO 850 is fast but there are definitely faster drives, just way more expensive.


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