Is it possible to convert video to panorama in android using FFmpeg?

I have found below command from this https://github.com/ibaaj/awesome-OpenSourcePhotography#video-to-panorama

ffmpeg -i video.avi -r 5 -qscale 3  tmp/images/image-%3d.jpg
pto_gen -o tmp/hugin.pto tmp/images/*.jpg
cpfind --multirow -o tmp/hugin.pto tmp/hugin.pto
cpclean -o tmp/hugin.pto tmp/hugin.pto
linefind -o tmp/hugin.pto tmp/hugin.pto
autooptimiser -a -l -s -m -o tmp/hugin.pto tmp/hugin.pto
pano_modify -o tmp/hugin.pto --center --fov=AUTO --canvas=70% tmp/hugin.pto
pto2mk -o tmp/hugin.mk -p tmp/output tmp/hugin.pto
make -f tmp/hugin.mk all

Any idea how can I use this for Android or any other helpful command, it would be very helpful !!!

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While that command may well be the right one to convert video to panorama in ffmpeg, you don't get ffmpeg by default on Android.

You can get a version from the SourceForge FFmpeg for Android project, but I'll warn you that compilation may have its challenges. We have an old question on StackOverflow on this. Top answer there gives some detail on these headings:

  • Build static libraries of ffmpeg for Android.
  • Create a dynamic library wrapping ffmpeg functionality using the Android NDK.
  • Use the ffmpeg-wrapping dynamic library from your java sources.

Any questions on the technical implementation / compilation aspects should be raised over on Stack Overflow (or possibly Android Stack Exchange)

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