I want to digitize my VHS (PAL) home video tapes using an old video cassette player and EasyCap. Here is the photo of my EasyCap chips for reference:

enter image description here

After several days of reading how to perform video capture properly I found the VirtualDub most suitable. But I am completely lost in timing options. How to set them properly?

enter image description here

Please give some suggestions. Especially unclear:

  • Is there sense in "Drop frames..." and "Insert null frames..." options or of I just can tick "Correct video timing..." while using "Sync audio to video..."?
  • On the other hand maybe that is better to sync video to audio?
  • Should I use audio/video sync at all?
  • Should I tick "Use audio timestamps..."?
  • Should I use automatic audio latency compensation?

I'll appreciate any advice on all the options of the timing dialog.

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