I've been creating a short animation (1 min) to demonstrate and showcase a FUI (Futuristic User Interface). No one else was involved, other than third party advice and support. No unions involved.

A summary of potential sources to credit would include:

  • Myself (everything not mentioned below)
  • Music (third party, CC BY NC)
  • 1 x 3D Model (third party, CC)
  • based on Novel xxx.

I was also thinking of adding a "Special thanks to" the following

  • Supervisor (support, feedback, etc)
  • Employer (support in studies)
  • Wife (long suffering in my academic pursuits)
  • Maxon (for Cinema 3D, free for students)
  • Adobe (for AE, discounted for students)

However, basically I'm it in terms of direct involvement in the project.

Based on comments here I could just do something like:

A film by


Or alternatively I could go the path of

Created by


Then I would add something like:

Music "tite", by composer, CC-SA

Based on the novel title, published, publisher?

Model xyz by modeller CC-SA

Graph Sample by source CC

Special thanks to




Copyright Me 2017, BY-NC-SA

Does the above seem reasonable? I'm a bit iffy on how to credit the author of the novel that the short is based on. Also what do about recognising Maxon and Adobe, or maybe I don't even need to go that far? I have to mention CC for assets that include as well as obligations on my work to be CC as a result.

Btw, I read through What title(s) should a one-person film crew receive in the credit role?, but it does not apply, as in my situation, I am a one person for everything, not just film.

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