in short: I set -r 25 , but I see in the converting process that it's fps=18. Why?

I am trying to convert a video to H.264 format using ffmpeg, and I am trying to set the framerate(out framerate) to 25. I am willing to accept more than 25 if possible but not below.
so I use this command:

ffmpeg -i Millionaire.mp4 -y -c:v libx264 -r 25 file.h264  

But I see that in the convertion process in the cmd that: fps=18
Now I understand that fps means "frames per second".
And right after I hit the enter key, it starts as fps=25 but then it drops by 1 every few seconds until it reaches 18.

The input file is 1.61 GB
ffmpeg version:
ffmpeg-20170130-cba4f0e-win64-static.zip 47340467 30-Jan-2017 06:02
from the website: https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/win64/static/

System information:
i7-4702MQ CPU 2.20 GHZ
RAM = 8 GB
Windows 10 x64

Anybody knows why it doesn't stay on fps=25? And how can I force it to not drop below 25 fps?
Thank you

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That's processing speed i.e. ffmpeg is encoding 18 frames per second, not the output file's framerate. You can set -preset fast to speed it up but again this has nothing to do with output file's framerate.


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