I rendered a video using Optical Flow (it includes lots of Time Remapping). Basic cuts look as if there was a short glitch-like transition between them.

Frame of first shot [Frame of first shot 1

Frame between two Frame between two

  • Welcome! It isn't clear what you are asking. Could you expand your question and perhaps post a sample video instead of just screen shots? – Michael Liebman Aug 29 '17 at 14:25
  • 1
    What it's doing is trying to optical flow between the two scenes. You may have to render out the clips individually with 1 or two frame "handles", and then trim them back down. – stib Aug 30 '17 at 12:28

Did you apply the Optical Flow to a nested sequence that contains a transition? This looks to me like Optical Flow trying to invent new frames to fill in the slow motion and getting confused by the fact that a transition is blending two different videos. You should apply your time remaps to the base clips and then do transitions on top of the already adjusted clips.

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