I have a clip which I have edited on a timeline, I want to go back to merging a new audio file into the original file. I try merging the audio file into the original file but this creates a new merged clip which does not have the edits.

  • What do you mean by merged clip? Could you outline the steps you've tried? Maybe include some screenshots of your timeline or export window? – Michael Liebman Aug 17 '17 at 22:45

Your best bet is probably to replace the source of the clip in question with the timeline that has the changed audio. There should be a "Replace Footage" option or something like that. I'm only familiar with CS6 though, so I'm a bit out of date on exact specifics in the latest version of CC.


The steps I took: - merge good audio with video clip - create new sequence and add the new merged audio/video clip - export video - "Replace footage" of the original video - all your edits are now kept and the audio should have changed as well

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