I need advice for something I want to do with VCR to PC image transfering. I have bought a video capture usb (RCA to usb) but there is a problem with the image... It's shaking right and left. Like this

Firstly, let me tell you that when I connect the VCR to the TV the image is fine. Also when I connect a DVD player (a device way newer than the VCR) to the PC through the same usb, the image is also fine. So, something must be wrong when the analog-to-digital signal converting is happening. It's like the TV sees this problematic image and has a way to fix it somehow. On the other hand, the usb doesn't have a way to fix it, so I have this shaking image.

So, my question is:

What are the possible explanations/causes for this? Usb device quality? VCR quality? What system has a TV to fix a VCR shaking image?? Is there a software or some settings for PC that do the same fix a TV does?


The problem is almost definitely with the tape or the VCR. Most likely the sync or black level is off or the control track is fluttering, which is throwing off the ADC in the capture dongle. You will need a time base corrector (TBC) or frame synchronizer to correct the problem.

Ideally, you should also have a way to view and adjust the video levels. Usually you can adjust levels with a good quality TBC or FS. You can use software to view a waveform and vectorscope after digitization.

  • It must be the VCR, because every tape does the same. Thanks for the explanation, even though I don't know much about waveforms and I don't know if I would understand what I would see. :P – Alexinho25 Aug 13 '17 at 16:57

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