I'm quite new to video editing but I am not new to graphic design. One of the most effective methods of organizing content in design is to use a grid. A grid lets things look good, stay consistent, and be predictable. I want to use a design grid to arrange video clips beside text and images.

12 column grid for graphic design with different element widths

I wanted to know how to create a grid arrangement with columns, rows, gutters... I looked things up and all I could find were tutorials for resizing elements, without grids. If I were to start trying on my own I would go about it the following way: draw off-colour pixels in the corners of the areas where I want to put elements. It would probably take a very long time and be imprecise if I tried that though. Another idea I had was that I could use a green screen effect to create the boxes on the grid and then just place the images as the greenscreen content but that also feels like a hack and would surely end up losing parts of my clips at the edges. The way I imagine things I would have a nice "snap to grid" system that would let me resize clips to fill in grid spaces easily like in indesign/illustrator.

Through my workplace I have access to Sony Vegas but I own a mac so I could jump to any editor that would allow me to have this effect.

Any help is appreciated.

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  • Use markers and regions to note your columns. – user24601 Jul 29 '17 at 3:20

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