I have some unique footage that I unfortunately only have a corrupted DVD copy of. I have been able to use gddrescue on Linux to extract most of the footage, but when I play the video in vlc it stops playing at certain points, and vlc returns to the playlist view. If I manually skip to the part where vlc stopped playing and skip a little forward, say a few seconds, I can play the file again and it works.

Is there a tool that I can use to automatically cut out the non corrupted parts of the video file so that I can play it without problem?

What causes this problem, what's technically wrong with the DVD-files?

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Remuxing it will probably help, as the apps are generally smart enough to detect random crap and skip over it, as well as fix the timing information.

You didn't mention if it's a ripped as in copied direct MPEG-2 file or one ripped using HandBrake or something else.

Either way, use ffmpeg, avconv, or mkvmerge to remux them.

  ffmpeg (or avconv) -i source.mpg -codec copy dest.mkv
  mkvmerge -o dest.mkv source.mpg
  • Will test this at the next occasion! Commented May 31, 2018 at 10:13

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