I currently use an Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone with a shock mount, pop filter, and Mudder Large Foam Mic Windscreen for MXL, Audio Technica.

I record using Nvidia Shadowplay with the mic about 3 inches from my mouth with the volume on the Mic set to 65 (in the playback devices menu).

How can I record my audio commentary and not pick up the controller joysticks/buttons like other individuals, I post my material to youtube.

I have tangled with the volume on the mic and whether it's at 10 or 100, it always picks up the controller.

  • The title does not reveal much information about your problem or what you actually wanted to know. – gr4nt3d Jun 9 '17 at 16:02

A typical solution is to create better acoustic isolation between your keyboard/controller and the microphone. The thing that really stops sound waves is not foam itself, but mass. Eight ounces of foam is nothing compared to 8 lbs of rigid fiberglass.

Another solution is to use a downward expander. This audio-processing device (which can be an external analog box or a digital plug-in) can be programmed so that an audio "gate" is closed unless a signal is both loud enough and lasts long enough to open it. The click of a key would not be enough to open it, but a human voice speaking words would. While you are talking, the clicks could come through, but they will be masked by the voice, and hopefully not too distracting in that case.

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