According to this ffmpeg documentation, it seems one of the 'native' frame rate for ffmpeg is

'ntsc': 30000/1001

while 30000/1001=29.9700... does not equal to 29.97, I wonder if a Sony Pro camera really means it shots in 29.97, not 30000/1001?

If that Sony camera does shot in exact 29.97fps, I suppose we should keep the 29.97fps, should not change the fps of the video file to 30000/1001?

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29.97 is shorthand for 30000/1001. There is no 29.970000... frame rate standard. FFmpeg will keep the native framerate (usually), so no need to specify an output -r value.

  • Thanks! So I can understand that the Sony Pro camera, in fact, shot at 30000/1001 fps.
    – shintaroid
    Commented May 31, 2017 at 7:20

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