So there's this type of video I want to make, but not sure what type it is called and not sure where to refer to when looking for examples on how to make one.

This is an iPhone Ad from last year and it is what I want to try and recreate.

How would you make this kind of video?


Hire a video editor.

Questions like yours often hint at a common misconception that all one needs to create great video content is the right piece of software, and once one has found the right software creating an awesome piece of video content becomes a matter of pressing a couple of buttons. This is incorrect.

The technical side of the video you linked is actually pretty straightforward. It consists of basically two interspersed parts/styles:

  • Product shots & video. Most of them seem to be normal videos, though some of them look like well-done 3D-animations to me. For the latter you will indeed need a fair amount of technical expertise.
  • Animated text. FOr this video especially, it's not that hard to do technically. It's just some text that is animated in and out, intertwined with video footage. You could probably do all of that in Premiere Pro. Your choice of video editing software doesn't really matter here. Pick one.

What makes that video great however is not the technical implementation. It's the aesthetic & stylistic choices made during filming and editing. Watch the video again and appreciate the following aspects:

  • Lighting and light/shadow contrasts (during the live action footage)
  • Montage (i.e. how are the individual parts stitched together)
  • Coordination of sound and video (notice how the cuts correspond to the beats of the music?)
  • Pacing (the sequence of fast-and-slow parts, e.g. the pacing changes at TC 0:10, 0:19 and 0:30)
  • Emphasis of certain parts, again using nothing but light and dark (regarding the background color, but also the way this is intersperces with low-key and high-key footage)
  • Transitions. Those are very short and easy to miss, but there are some great match cuts between text and video elements there (e.g. at TC 0:57, notice how the text moving to the right transitions to the shot of the ballon hitting the iPhone?)
  • ... and much more.

All of those subtle aesthetic decisions are what people study and exercise for years. The study of video editing (or any creative/artistic field really) is really not about how to use a piece of software, but rather about aesthetics (which btw. has little to do with pretty or beautiful stuff, but is the study of perception). Which is why learning a piece of software, no matter how sophisticated, won't get you very far. Instead, focus on learning aesthetics and finding your own style, then your choice of software won't matter.

If you are interested in learning more on that subject, check out my answer here: Good learning resources for 'non-technical' aspects of filmmaking. Otherwise - and this brings me back to my initial point - hire a video editor.

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