My customer sent me a video, where she wishes to hide all location specific objects. The video viewer should not recognize where the video was filmed.

To blur out the location specific object, a human must decide what is privacy related and what not (it can't be done by algorithm). I wish to select an object (some tiny and some 50% of the resolution) and then some "magic" happens that this object is blurred in hole video. I wish to blur out only small portions of the video, that the result is enjoyable for our viewers.

I search for a very easy solution. I am not a Professional Video guy. I use macOS Sierra, did some basic stuff with ffmpeg and QuicktTime player (Trimming). For me it's possible to buy an extra software for about 100$. I prefer a very simple way to do this.

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    So are you looking for a software recommendation? I used to have a job where I had to do exactly this: taking out location specific things so we could sell our videos to overseas customers, but the challenge was that it wasn't supposed to be noticeable. I learned a lot about After Effects that way. You might want to look into AE, you can hire it for a short term, but I'm betting you'll spend waaaay more in your time than any software is going to cost.
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    Commented Apr 8, 2017 at 13:59

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You are going to need to use; preferably After Effects to do this. You could also do it in Premiere; but AE is the way to go, because you can use the tracking feature to auto follow objects; combined with a custom mask (with a blur filter applied).

Other than that your options will be limited.

I believe Adobe CC allows a 30 day free trial; and it's monthly in terms of cost, you could always try it and see if it suits your needs, and go from there).

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