I've imported an audio file into Lightworks. The same problems happen whether the input file is in MP3 or WAV format. Both original media files play correctly in mplayer.

The audio in the file plays slightly lower than it should. The first tone in the tune is E5; in LightWorks the tone emitted is between D5 and D#5. This is a frequency ratio of between 1:1.0595 and 1:1.225. The audio also runs slightly longer, but only by about a second for the entire 6m10s file. This is a significantly smaller ratio of 1:1.0027.

While the audio is playing, there are frequent and regular mid-pitched clicking sounds audible, at a rate of roughly 10-20 per second. They are louder when the audio is louder. These clicking sounds are also audible during playback of video files which have associated audio track; again, the sounds are not audible during playback of the same file under mplayer.

I'm running LightWorks on a non-Retina MacBook Pro (2012).

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Restarted LightWorks and both problems seem to have disappeared.

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