In FFmpeg Filters Documentation is the section 3 graph2dot is this about graph2dot program:

The graph2dot program included in the FFmpeg tools directory can be used to parse a filtergraph description and issue a corresponding textual representation in the dot language.

I have FFmpeg from Zeranoe's build (Windows, 64-bit, static) and I have no tools directory.

So I tried find this program by Google for downloading it but without success.

Is this part of the documentation obsolete or is it possible to obtain this program?


I don't use Windows, but in Linux you can download the FFmpeg source, then:

cd ffmpeg
make tools/graph2dot

Then you can use it:

echo "nullsrc,scale=640:360,nullsink" | tools/graph2dot -o graph.tmp
dot -Tpng graph.tmp -o graph.png

Resulting in:

enter image description here

Not Windows specific, but maybe helpful for any Linux user who also wants to use this tool.

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    I should note that I get an error for make tools/graph2dot on Windows with mingw-w64 with a vanilla source tree: "target not defined" or something like that. This is just after I built ff* binaries. I had to add graph2dot to the start of TOOLS and then make alltools. – Gyan Mar 30 '17 at 7:43

I maintain a Windows build of graph2dot and other tools at https://www.gyan.dev/ffmpeg/builds/. Look in the tools section.

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