Hi there I'm in business and I'm looking to expand. I think there is a vast need for broadcast tv in my country (Jamaica). So I'm exploring what it takes to get setup and all.

I want to know if there is a way to broadcast multiple channels simultaneously from one location, as in can i only have one broadcast tower and shoot more than 1 channel from that. I would like to do a entertainment, kids, news/weather channels. All advice and input are welcome.



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Yes, you can broadcast more than one program service (channel) from a single location. This is fairly common.

For analog over the air (NTSC), you can use combiners and a broadband antenna. (See, for example, Whitaker & Benson, 2000 chs. 15 & 16)*

For any of the digital over the air or satellite delivery standards, multiplexing is part of the standard.

For fiber optic delivery to a cable headend or contract uplink facility, similar multiplexing technology is available, like from Evertz, Ericsson, and many others.

* The newer edition of this book, and many other video engineering texts, dropped the analog systems discussion because of the transition to digital in the US.

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