If I have a .csv file of x / y coordinates, representing positional data of an object in an animation, what's the easiest way to apply that to a 2D null in After Effects?



I ask because I'm trying to track movement of an object from a D3.js without having to endlessly motion-track objects.

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Found the answer here. Copying any positional keyframes out of After Effects generates a text file like this:

Adobe After Effects 8.0 Keyframe Data

    Units Per Second    25
    Source Width    100
    Source Height   100
    Source Pixel Aspect Ratio   1
    Comp Pixel Aspect Ratio 1

Transform   Scale
    Frame   X percent   Y percent   Z percent   
        100 100 100 

Transform   Position
    Frame   X pixels    Y pixels    Z pixels    
    0   960 540 0   
    1   980 540 0   
    2   980 520 0   
    3   1000    520 0   
    4   1000    518 0   
    5   630 498 0   

End of Keyframe Data

To manipulate it, just modify the text, copy the text, and paste it back into AE. Works like a charm

  • I was oing to suggest scripting, but this is much easier. A neat hack
    – stib
    Feb 24, 2017 at 11:49

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