So from my knowledge (and actual experience) Vegas 13 has one option for exporting 4k videos. My phone has a 4k camera, and recently I built a beefy computer and decided to edit some 4k footage.

The final product was exactly 2 minutes long, and (not kidding here) exactly 4GB. It was exported to NTFS formatted drive.

The video played fine on MPC-HC video player, and looked great! But why is the file size so huge?! Does Vegas 14 improve on this or is there a plugin for 13 to make it easier?


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There may not be a direct preset for 4K, but you can simply use the Mainconcept AVC module to export 4K. Simply select one of the 1080p presets, like Internet 1080p, then customize template to choose a custom frame size and enter your project resolution e.g. 4096 x 2304. Change average bitrate to 40,000,000. Match the frame rate to your project frame rate, and you should be good to go.

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