I have a sequence in Final Cut Express 4 that has 1080p video in it, but when I export it, it exports as 720p video, because the sequence settings are set to 720p video. How do I change the frame size?

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I think Menu -> Sequence -> Settings -> Load Sequence Preset..., then picking choosing a 1080p preset might do what you want. You'll probably have to delete and re-render anything you've pre-rendered.

You can set the default sequence preset for all new sequences with Easy Setup under the application menu.

  • Fantastic! Now how do I see this option? The only progressive option is 720p
    – Stephen
    Jul 25, 2012 at 10:01
  • Ah, sorry. My mistake. FCE4 only supports 1080i video. FCP supports 1080p. I usually take in 1080i50, export in AIC format, then deinterlace and output using the batch mode of MPEG Streamclip.
    – scottc
    Jul 25, 2012 at 17:50

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