I've connected my camcorder to the pc via firewall,driver was also installed but when I plug in and out nothing happen. (Except the sound). Do i need any software?

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    What model camcorder? Did you check the manual for instructions on importing? – Michael Liebman Jan 13 '17 at 23:27

of course you need software. There are several that give you 30 day trial. or you can install Ubuntu and then download the video with dvgrab. works very well.

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DVIO, https://www.videohelp.com/software/DVIO, will capture from the camera into a raw AVI file. No re-encoding, the file contains a perfect digital copy of the data from the tape. Last time I used it was on Windows XP machines, not sure about the current compatibility - but it's worth a try. The download is small, and it's free.

Otherwise, as Stephen suggests, try a trial version of one of the commercial products. Adobe OnLocation also always did a good job of this, but I've not used that in a while either, I just haven't been using MiniDV tapes.

Once you have the tapes digitally downloaded into files, you can re-encode with something like Handbrake, if you want some smaller files that you can use for viewing. I would just keep/archive the original tape download files in case you ever need to go back to the originals.

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