I plan on recording a podcast on Garageband. I have rode procaster mic. I will be using one mic and one phone input with irig to connect audio caller, I need one more input to connect ipad to play music during the recording. So basically three inputs is what i need so far, which USB mixer do you recommend that can record individual tracks in garageband for my voice/caller and music? Something not too expensive ofcourse.

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    Instead of recording the audio output of your music player, maybe you could get the music audio file(s) and then edit those into the podcast, directly in Garageband ? Thant way, you wouldn't need more inputs on the mixer. Dec 29, 2016 at 11:56

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I have used Behringer mixers in the past and they have always done the job. Behringer makes a variety of mixers and plenty of them are priced below $100. Any of these mixers should do the job. Just make sure you purchase the mixer with the appropriate number of inputs and any additional features you may want.


Both Alesis and Behringer make mixers where you plug your iPad in and can do all the work on the iPad touchscreen, they normally have at least 2 inputs (some having 4) and all work with the core audio and Garageband apps enabling you to record and mix multi-channels

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