In Premiere Pro 2017 (Windows 10) in Preferences -> Playback I can set one of my monitors as the playback device

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Now when I playback video it will appear full screen in one of my monitors. When I hit stop (spacebar) the video is still full screen. How can I exit or quit this full screen playback mode?

I tried the obvious of hitting Esc but this does nothing. Is the only option to go back to preferences and uncheck it? (Also how do I know which monitor is which? Not knowing how to exit the fullscreen mode I'm a little paranoid that I will choose the same monitor that the Adobe UI is on and then be stuck.)

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As far as I am aware, there isn't a way to disable Mercury Transmit if the viewer covers the UI, unless you set up a key binding. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to the "Enable Transmit" function in the keyboard preferences (I use ctrl+shift+' as it's similar to the maximise window shortcut). You can then use this key combination to toggle the full screen display on and off.


On a US format windows keyboard, you can press shift + ~ to get full screen, to exit this full screen do shift + ~ again and to zoom in control + ~, same this to exit zoomed in screen to full screen.


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