My workflow:

  1. Record footage on iPhone
  2. Copy to Mac
  3. Add to Adobe Premiere
  4. When dragging iPhone clips "change sequence settings"
  5. Edit / Cut / Transitions / all that fancy stuff
  6. Nest clips
  7. Speed / Duration to something "instagram-able" (say 25 seconds)
  8. Speed keyframes so initially and on exit it's in real-life speed
  9. Add some music
  10. Export media as QuickTime (.mov) so that later I can synchronise with iPhone
  11. Set maximum bitrate to something really big (30Mbps) so that quality is preserved
  12. Post to Instagram (1 hour of effort for each post)


enter image description here

What am I doing wrong?

What switch / option / settings / preferences would allow me to avoid... (see image above for a still frame)

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Looks like you have interlaced turned on. Try a different method of frame blending

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