I am looking for an IP-camera model that is cheap, I can order from Europe and most importantly supports the ONVIF standard. The quality of the camera does not matter as it will be used for motion detection or as a light sensor.

I can find an IP-camera in the price range I am looking for (less than 50€), but I am not at all certain whether they have ONVIF support. ZBravo cameras claim to have it, but I couldn't find it on the list below, and I would have to order them form China.



I consulted with a colleague who works with Onvif, and this is what she said:

ZBravo is not an ONVIF member and does not have any cameras listed in the ONVIF conformant product list. Therefore, their cameras CANNOT be ONVIF conformant.

Watch this Onvif Youtube video for more information.

As for camera, there are a lot of cameras that are cheap and support Onvif. But I would recommend a better suited one, but they might be a bit more pricy.

What do you mean with Light sensor? to check for light conditions? Day or Night? or the amount of light in the area of the camera?

AXIS M1034-W
AXIS M3044-V

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