I saw this overlay and want to reproduce it, but wonder how to do this:

image overlay

It was slightly animated / synchronized with the video.

  • How do I reproduce this on my own videos?
  • Which software is ideally suited for this task?

I currently use Adobe Premiere.

Thank you!

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The tool doesn't matter in this case.

For some kind of artistic or individual approach I'd suggest use a light table or graphics tablet. Draw the shapes 20-50 times by hand to get some nice variation and place all the drawings on top of each other like classic/traditional animation does in the old days.

Otherwise you can either use:

  • Any kind of pixel or vector based graphics package (Photoshop, Gimp, Affinity Designer etc.) together with Premiere or After Effects for additional tracking capabilities
  • A 2D Animation package which allows to draw directly on the plates
  • Or even Blender's grease pencil feature along with its tracking capabilities

You would probably find it easiest to use a motion graphics application. There are many. Since you're using Premiere, you might find Adobe After Effects familiar. If you're on a Mac, you might also like Apple's Motion. Both apps allow you to create shapes, use text, and animate it. The above type of graphics should be fairly easy to produce in either app.

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