I would name this effect a sort of lens flare, but the lens flare tutorials I have seen on YouTube are not what I am looking for... Such as this tutorial

Anyway, this is the effect I am trying to replicate, as displayed in the Galantis - No Money Music Video

at the following times: 0:17-0:21, 0:27-0:31, 0:35-0:40 and many other places through out the video...

Thank you for any responses I may get :)

Kind Regards

Joshua Lochner

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Search Google for "light leaks". Here's free collection: http://vegasaur.com/free-light-leaks

How to use: Place the desired light leak clip on the track above your video and set track's compositing mode to Screen or Add. Adjust the amount of light by lowering the clip or track opacity. You can also add change luminance or color by adding Levels, Color Balance or Hue/Saturation filters.


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