A year ago I came across a web page describing how to set up a better “pro use” LUT on the camera, that would get better shadow detail recorded. This was a LUT used in more professional situations and is (as I recall) known to Adobe Premiere already. I understand that this will make watching the as-saved camera files look bad, and it needs the corresponding LUT selected in Premiere.

I can't find that again now. Can someone point me to what I need? The web page featured video stills of chickens. I have a Canon 70D camera.

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I think this must have been “Cinestyle” by Technicolor, whose home is this page at the Technicolor web site. The chicken instructions was probably this video


The CineStyle LUT JDlugosz mentioned is one. Another popular one is the ProLost Flat Picture Style. This one just involves adjusting the camera settings. I don't know if Premiere Pro supports it directly (it's mainly just a contrast adjustment), but I do know that Stu Maschwitz (who's blog is linked above) has worked with Adobe in the past, so it wouldn't surprise me if it did.

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